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    UK Vegan Dissertation Research-Help needed!

    Hi everyone, I am a third year Sports and Nutrition for Health student at Liverpool John Moores University in Liverpool looking to get some general insight into the lifestyle of dietary vegans. For my dissertation, I am doing 'A comparative study into the relationship between self-reported...
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    Help with research paper

    Hi everybody! For my college course innovation and change, we need to conduct research on a certain topic and come up with some innovative idea on how to improve our topic. As someone very conscious about what I eat, I chose "how can we reduce the usage of animal products". In the first...
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    UK Is it moral to do good deeds without my parents’ permission?

    Is it moral to do good deeds without my parents’ permission and against their will without telling them? Hello 👋, I’m a 24-year old (soon to be 25 - my birthday is 17th September 🥳!) female, and I’m Autistic. I am an extremely kind and compassionate person. I am a Buddhist and have dedicated my...