1. V

    Happiness questionaire

    Hi, This is a questionaire about happiness. I would kindly ask only vegans to answer it, there is no personal data involved and it takes about 10 minutes to complete. Thank you. Click the link below: [link removed by request]
  2. D

    Companion animal gratefulness thread

    Since there is a thread about negatives about our fur family and friends, there also could be positives. I guess I wanted this thread, becauseI feel like an outcast at the Companion Animal Gripe Thread. So, what do you love about the companion animals around you? I could maybe start... The cat...
  3. Sylvain M

    Can vegans be in relationship with non vegan ?

    Being vegan isn't easy, you have to be a person that can respect rules. Someone who understands and respects others. A one who cares for others, not only for himself. I can't force someone to eat the same diet than me, or I'll become his[or her] manager, his doctor. That's not what we really...