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    Ideas?-Leftover dairy and eggs & Giving up cheese!

    Hello 👋, I am an ex-vegan veggie who wants to go back to vegan. However, there are some problems... I love cheese. Yes, I eat vegan cheese, but of course it’s not quite the same as (dairy) vintage cheddar or a Babybel. One of the main issues is that there simply aren’t vegan alternatives to...
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    Benji and How to go Back to Being Vegan

    Benji and How to go Back to Vegan Without Being Hard on Myself Hello 👋, I have Autism and anxiety. Anyhow, I went vegetarian at age 13 and then vegan at about 20. I then went back to veggie as I kept cheating with cheese. I am now 24. I have been thinking of going back to vegan again for a...