1. Second Summer

    Germany hacked: politicians, journalists doxxed

    Source: Germany hacked: Angela Merkel's colleagues among mass data dump victims • The Register (4. Jan. 2019) Notably, the only party in the Bundestag that hadn't been targeted was the AfD, the far-right party of recent infamy.
  2. Second Summer

    Security Blackmail email

    I received the below email today, thought I should share :) For the record, I'm not particularly concerned :) Yes, they had found a username and password I had used aeons ago on some site I have since learned was hacked. That is all. All the stuff about hacking into my computer is a fairytale.
  3. Second Summer

    Security Database indicates whether your personal data have been compromised

    One of my email addresses were in 7 different data breaches, another one in two data breaches, and the last one was not known to the database. Check your own email addresses here: Have I been pwned? Check if your email has been compromised in a data breach This really highlights the dangers of...
  4. MadamSarcastra

    News Cyber Attacks.

    After the latest global wave of cyber attacks, I figured we should have an all-inclusive thread for similar events.... Was anyone here on VV affected? I certainly hope not. :confused: Unprecedented global cyberattack 'an urgent call' to action, homeland security adviser says...
  5. Second Summer

    Software vBulletin.com hacked

    More: http://news.softpedia.com/news/vbulletin-zero-day-used-to-hack-official-vbulletin-website-and-foxit-software-495620.shtml (2. November, 2015) vBulletin is the most common commercial forum software on the Internet, though its market share has been plummeting in recent years. It's used by...