1. R

    Alternatives to the Body Shops ginger shampoo?

    What are some good vegan alternatives to the Body Shop’s ginger shampoo? Hello 👋, My mum thinks that the Body Shop’s ginger shampoo is the best one for me. However, that shampoo contains honey, which isn’t vegan or necessarily taken in a moral way... I have been using other shampoos, but my...
  2. R

    UK please recommend good,vegan,LB shampoo bars?

    Hi , I have heard about shampoo bars, and have been doing some looking up on Goodsearch and Amazon. My mum is a supporter of the Body Shop Ginger Shampoo, but this isn’t vegan (it has honey in it). Also, we’ve had bad experience with some natural, health food shop type shampoo before. Because it...
  3. Second Summer

    Nutrition & Diet Health shots

    I was just reading about ginger shots. I thought it was an alternative to tequila shots ... :p Has anyone tried making this sort of thing? What was it like? Ginger and lemon seem to be common ingredients. Turmeric was also mentioned ...