UK please recommend good,vegan,LB shampoo bars?


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Jul 2, 2017
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Hi ,
I have heard about shampoo bars, and have been doing some looking up on Goodsearch and Amazon. My mum is a supporter of the Body Shop Ginger Shampoo, but this isn’t vegan (it has honey in it). Also, we’ve had bad experience with some natural, health food shop type shampoo before. Because it didn’t have the stuff in it that’s good for my hair, it wasn’t as good, so preferably one that is vegan and cruelty-free, but still not free from anything that could be good for my hair. What vegan, cruelty-free shampoo bars work well for your hair?
Thank you to the moon and back.
Have the best day and night ever!
I haven't tried this personally, but I think Lush has shampoo bars. My sister loves their products.

Yep - I just checked. Lush does have them.
Yep, the ones I use are by Lush. They do bar conditioners as well but I think the only vegan conditioner is in a bottle. The shampoo bars are a mixture of vegan and non-vegan as well, but I've been using them for years and years now.
Lush are probably the easiest for you to find, or to order online. I have used Lush before, I like Seanik the best.

I'm currently using one labeled vegan at a local store. I have had the first bar for months and still have a second one. They gave me a little bamboo rack to keep mine on since I bought two shampoo bars and a conditioning one. It was like buy three and get one free or get this little bamboo rack. I keep it OUTSIDE of the shower so that it doesn't melt away. I also don't wash my hair every day, more like twice a week, three at absolute most and then only if I feel my hair is really dirty for some reason.
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There’s a great shampoo bar made by Arbonne that’s vegan and cruelty free. My customers rave about it constantly! The product is RE9 Advanced for Men Charcoal Soap Bar. Consultant name Maria Feehan. Hope you find this helpful! If you try it out I’d love to hear what you think of it