game changers

  1. Health Instincts

    Game Changers Anyone?

    Game changers has had a big impact on the way people view nutrition. I no longer view my health life as, eating 80% good foods and exercsing 20% of the time daily. I now view my health as, "Noursing my body with the optimal amount of what it needs." Are bodies are very adaptable and you don't...
  2. Emma JC

    News article today on CNN-Macho vegans

    Macho vegans: The documentary that's changing the script on plant-based diets An interesting article today on CNN and well worth reading/watching. Emma JC
  3. QualityGains

    Game Changers Movie Released Globally

    Hi guys As a reminder: The 'Game Changers' movie just recently released online, so it can be watched globally. It was a well-awaited documentary regarding plant-based athletes directed by James Cameron (the avatar 3d guy). Just watched it and I think it's really, really good. You can watch it...