1. Robin

    Yam man

    I wanted to share I didn't know where to put this, so here I am. I came up with this graphic design. what do you all think.. I call him Yam Man..LOL
  2. W

    'I'm a vegan, therefore I know karate'

    Political satire at it's best. Apologies to fans of Trump, but I hope you will find this segment nonetheless funny. Oh and - yeah - there are plenty of karate-chopping vegans as well! Trump: 'I'm self-funding my campaign; I tell the truth.' John Oliver: '"I'm rich, therefore I'm telling the...
  3. W


    From the anti-speciesist message of 'The Fox' and then to 'Intolerant', a film about swapping dairy for nuts and the plights animal product-driven allergies. Ylvis are clearly a part of the vegan underground mission to takeover the world! Why didn't we make the connection? WHAT THE *FOX*...
  4. Squashpig!


    Ahahaha too cute. The difference between friends and food? 1. Check if it squeaks adorably and fights you over the carrot sticks! 2....