1. Nda Formus

    My non-vegan friend may have been lying to me about watching some vegan videos for a month

    Note that my problem is the possible fibbing that would signify little to no value for our friendship/respect for me and it would've been okay if she said she wouldn't watch the videos. I drive my non-vegan friend home just about daily Mon-Fri. We talk a lot on the drives and some time ago, she...
  2. A

    Yuma arizona vegan

    I'm looking for female, vegan, platonic "OnLine" friends. Are there any Phoenix, Arizona female Vegans, in this forum?
  3. M

    How to help friends with trouble being vegan

    In the past, my friend went vegan for a couple of months but she returned to eating meat again for a few months then she went back to being vegan for half a year now. Recently, she told me that she has not been happy being vegan because she would always get sad about the things she could not...
  4. Foodie

    Media Documentary about vegans and omnivores

    I am creating a documentary about vegan and omnivore relationships (family, romantic, friendship). Because food is such an integral part of our lives, I would like to explore if different diets can affect the relationship. Would anyone be interested in participating? Or know anyone who would be...