1. C

    US Enter Socal VegFest Vegan Baking Competition

    For Southern California residents! The Socal VegFest Vegan Cookie Baking Competition is September 23rd, 2023. There are both a general and elite/professional categories; contestants will be judged by professional chefs and pastry experts. The deadline to enter and pay your registration fee...
  2. Damo

    Vegan Festival Walsall

    I went to another vegan festival earlier today! This one was based in Walsall, their town hall. It was pretty big for their first ever vegan festival, once I found the entrance I discovered they had people queuing outside because of how many people turned up which is awesome! Apart from having...
  3. Damo

    West Midlands Festival (UK)

    Has anyone been to any vegan festivals? There's one coming up in Wolverhampton which is not that far from where I live and as I've not been to one before I thought I'd go, is anyone else here going? It's £1 an entry if you're interested, sounds like fun :)...