1. Damo

    Forum revamp preview

    Sorry this has taken so long, I'm needing your feedback on the new version of the forum on which will go live within the next few weeks or so, it's not complete yet and I'm still working on it so it's still a bit rough around the edges but this will give you a good feel for where we're heading...
  2. M

    Survey Well, hello there! i'd love your feedback.

    Hi, everyone! My name is Michelle and I'm really excited to contribute and learn on this forum. I recently switched to full veganism after being extremely health and animal-conscious to begin with. (It was that darn What The Health documentary that tipped the scale.) I've run a fairly...
  3. Studentwithaquestion

    Survey Please help - vegan pre packaged lunches

    Hi vegan community I am a marketing student from Dublin Ireland . Here we do not have many vegan packaged foods available conveniently and as part of my marketing project I am hoping to discuss the idea of packaged vegan ready meals available for students to purchase for lunch in the canteen...