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    Experience with lowering Cholesterol?

    Hi, I have just got some blood tests back and see my cholesterol is high. Does anyone have experience with high cholesterol and successfully lowering it to within a healthy range? I didn't think I ate lots of unhealthy fats but clearly it is coming from somewhere right? Any knowledgeable advice...
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    New vegan - problems with nose and i look pale

    I've been on vegan diet about a month. I was always red in the face and i never had stiffy running nose problems and i never had pimples. since i was vegan i began to have running nose problem, and i look pale and have small pimples on my face. I thought i wasn't getting enough, so i bought...
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    Too much fat? Gut Dysbiosis

    Hello! I've been fighting against a gut dysbiosis for about 4 years. I am gluten free, and been reacting to all grains as well, even white rice, so I gave it up too. "So let's eat tons of sweet potatoes." No... my stomach just can't digest it well. Now, in a new treatment phase, with a new...
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    Too much fat?

    I realised that my diet is 60% carbs, 30% fats, 10% proteins. Don't use any oils. It all came from natural peanut butters, almonds, chia (I eat like 4 tablespoons) and flax seeds (about 2 tb). Is that a problem. I want to put on some weight and keep healthy.