fast food

  1. R

    McDonald’s and other fast food restaurants

    Should vegans boycott fast food restaurants like McDonald’s? On one hand, McDonald’s are responsible for a LOT of animal suffering and slaughter, and environmental devastation, and it is much more eco-friendly to buy your own organic/local food and eat at home. On the other hand, if vegans...

    Vegan fast food restaurants going mainstream?

    Hi guys, so the other day I was looking for Vegan Fast Food around my city (Madrid), and this got me thinking. When will fast food chains start promoting vegan menus? As big companies, it even turns out to be quite the profitable catch for these people to replace meat ingredients for...
  3. Emma JC

    A&w in canada - beyond burger

    I thought I saw someone post about this, over the past couple of days, and now I can't find it so maybe I was hallucinating? :) On July 9th, A&W, a fast food chain in Canada, started serving the Beyond Burger and I decided to try it yesterday. It was delicious. I did order it with no mayo and...