1. Second Summer

    Security Blackmail email

    I received the below email today, thought I should share :) For the record, I'm not particularly concerned :) Yes, they had found a username and password I had used aeons ago on some site I have since learned was hacked. That is all. All the stuff about hacking into my computer is a fairytale.
  2. Damo

    Emails, yahoo accounts

    It seems that Yahoo isn't loving our email provider at the moment so literally every email sent to a Yahoo address is being dropped, so if you're not receiving any email notifications and you're using a Yahoo account this would be the reason why. The email provider we use is free so I'm...
  3. MadamSarcastra

    FAQ (& the answers) regarding WikiLeaks' #DNCLeaks

    What We Know So Far About WikiLeaks' #DNCLeaks And if you'd care to search the DNC or Hillary Clinton email archives, you can do so here: WikiLeaks