dog rescue

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    Does Anyone in the USA on here want a pitbull? If you can’t take any of these dogs, or you don’t want to, PLEASE at least share these posts far and wide, with as many potential adopters as...
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    Bruno the Dog

    Hello 👋, PLEASE would someone adopt Bruno, before it’s too late? Thanks.
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    Boots in San Antonio

    Please, look into my eyes. Aren’t I lovely enough? Please won’t someone adopt before my time is up? I will be killed if not out of the shelter in one day. Please, even if you don’t want to adopt me or you can’t adopt me for whatever reason, please share my page and this post with as many...
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    Dogs and veganism and Nepal

    Hello 👋, Although my current situation doesn’t allow for it, I would love to adopt a rescued stray dog from Asia, in particular Nepal. I know there are already lots of rescue dogs in need here in the UK, and that bring dogs over from abroad can introduce foreign diseases to our canine...