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    Product Vegan girl scout cookies

    Hello! It's cookie season! 🍪 I'm a girl scout and I'm selling cookies online! ❤️ We have a lot of vegan cookies to choose from. Our 100% vegan options are: Raspberry Rally (This is a new one!) Peanut butter patties Thin mints (This one is my favorite!) Lemonades Toast-Yay! They will be...
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    Vegan and Cravings and Holiday

    Hello, I have just gone vegan again as of last week (I would go to and fro with being vegan vs veggie). We are due to go away to Lanzarote in November (yay!). We have managed with my being vegan in Lanzarote before. However, most of the desserts at the restaurants are not vegan, and neither...
  3. Grandma Emma's Cobblers

    Grandma Emma's Vegan Cobblers

    Hello Everyone! We're new to the forum here at Grandma Emma's so please pardon any missteps when it comes to forum etiquette. We wanted to find out what the community thinks about our vegan cobblers! Since you'd be doing us the favor of sharing your opinion, we've created a unique coupon code...
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    Product Vegan baking cookbook

    This cookbook benefits those with a food processor and or blender. It's $15 on Amazon. I'll let it go for ten. Ill also pay shipping.
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    UK Vegan Dessert Products - Start-Up Launching Luxury Puddings

    Hi all! My business 'Nature's nectar' is launching 3 innovative new plant-based dessert products into the market soon, one of them is the UK's first vegan, gluten-free, and refined sugar free proper melting middle fondant cake 😍 We are about to launch a crowdfunding project to help us get onto...