crop deaths

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    Crop Deaths

    Hello 👋, It is my opinion that it is probably true that a vegan lifestyle and diet still kills fewer animals than an omnivorous diet, even when you take crop deaths into consideration, because, of course, the cattle, pigs, chickens, sheep, turkeys, ducks and goats still need to eat, and are...
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    Pigeons killed on farms

    Hello 👋, I heard that pigeons are killed as part of pest control on crop farms. I absolutely love pigeons. They’re one of my favourite animals. Is there a way of buying crop products that doesn’t support farms that kill pigeons? Thanks.
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    Vegans Killing Animals

    Hello, Please don’t give me abuse for this - I am a vegan. I just read an article about vegans killing “gazillions” of animals like gophers, ground-nesting birds, mice, rats and of course bugs. I also remember hearing a farmer/animal transport worker saying “the biggest place you’ll see death...