1. Second Summer

    Animal Rights MPs reject inclusion of animal sentience in EU Withdrawal Bill

    More: MPs vote to reject inclusion of animal sentience in Withdrawal Bill - Farming UK News (16. November 2017) Is this the sort of thing we must expect when Brexit is being shaped by the Tories? The top comment a the moment: "What sort of a dimwit would you need to be NOT to realise that...
  2. robert99

    UK Brexit aftermath/repercussions

    Thought it best to start a new thread on the repercussions of Brexit - Michael Gove and Theresa May enter Conservative race - BBC News Justice Secretary Michael Gove is to run to be the next Conservative Party leader and UK prime minister. Launching her leadership bid in central London, Mrs May...
  3. Second Summer

    UK Brexit - should the UK leave the EU?

    Apparently, UK voters are now divided more or less 50/50 on the issue. Prime minister Cameron has made four demands for EU reforms: More: EU warning for David Cameron ahead of reform talks - BBC News (17. December 2015) Do you think the UK should leave the EU? Stay in the EU? Only stay if...