1. L

    The Plant-Based Recipe Cookbook

    The Plant-Based Recipe Cookbook Includes over 100 mouth-watering recipes for Everyone to Enjoy!
  2. Second Summer

    Literature Literature recommendations for relaxing vacation

    I'll be going on vacation with the family next week. It will be proper vacation without my computer, sitting in a deck chair by a pool, not doing anything much, and definitely nothing that could remind me of work. I don't often read fiction, but I enjoy it when I do. I think I'm looking for...
  3. C

    Vegan Children's Book!!

    My son and his classmates love it, I'm sure you and your kids will too, there's lots of fun rhymes about fruits and veggies, check it out :)
  4. B

    New vegan - problems with nose and i look pale

    I've been on vegan diet about a month. I was always red in the face and i never had stiffy running nose problems and i never had pimples. since i was vegan i began to have running nose problem, and i look pale and have small pimples on my face. I thought i wasn't getting enough, so i bought...
  5. P

    Product Awesome book with delicious recipes

    Hi guys, I have found awesome book for vegan recipes. So far I have tried couple of them and they all tasted reaaaly good :) its only for 0.99$ , in my opinion its really worth trying :) Hope it helped :) Its available on Amazon/ Kindle and its called : Vegan Cookbook : 25 Easy High Protein...
  6. Samantha

    Product "vegan facts: why you should go vegan now!" amazon kindle e-book

    Hello everyone! I'm so grateful to see so many vegans around the world through these forums! I'm pretty much the only vegan I know. It can be a very lonely and challenging journey, especially when you are just getting started. I've been Vegan for almost 4 years now. I have no problem...
  7. K

    Product Free vegan protein cookbook!

    Hello, all! We are Kuku Ruku Publishing and we have our first book releasing at the end of July on Kindle. It is titled, "10 Quick & Easy Vegan Protein Recipes For Building Muscle That Contain More Protein Than Meat." In anticipation of the release we want to give away 15 free copies of the...
  8. FreakyFreekeh

    Want to buy a non-american vegetarian diabetic cook book

    I would like to buy a cook book which is vegetarian, diabetic friendly, and which has recipes I can cook without lots of faff (hence non american, as the ingredients and measurements will likely be strange otherwise) So, quite a niche book. Does such a thing even exist? I could not find...
  9. Jess

    Books to read

    I'm looking to read this book: However, I'd prefer it if I had a similar, but also different, book to compare it too. I've had a look at the other books suggested on Amazon, but the reviews don't seem as...