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    Omniblend vs vitamix

    Hi all lovely people! I am in a hunt out for a new blender, so I found that Omniblend claims to be as good as Vitamix. Is there anybody here that has personally tried Omniblend and/or Vitaminx (would be great if someone tried both!!!!!) and could advise is Omniblend actually as good as it...
  2. K

    What blender to buy for frozen bananas ?

    my last blender broke as it wasnt powerful enough... i dont want anything mega exoensive. so around £60 maybe..... thanks!
  3. C

    Best processor for nuts?

    Hello lovely peeps, could anybody recommend a processor/blender for nuts? Mine's 30+ years old, and while its still pretty good, it can't process nuts smoothly. I need my ice cream fix! Thanks