1. Meyersaurus

    What is your zodiac?

    Hi there, just curious: Do you believe in zodiac signs and the traits that are attributed to them? What is yours and what do you think about that?:blush: Do you believe in anything (else)? Mine is pisces and I think it is fitting (I'm highly emotional, dreamy, scatterbrained etc...)
  2. R


    I decided that I want to go vegan. But the only thing I know about it is what it stands for. Unfortunately this scares me. The main reason is that I want to be a complete emphatetic person. I love animals, period. I've been eating and using animal product since I was a child, but now.. I started...
  3. W

    Veganism and other beliefs

    I'm interested to know just how pervasive veganism is becoming among our online community, and whether it is sitting comfortably with people of other faiths (I can't especially think why not) and - if so - which. NB. I'm not saying that veganism is a 'belief' I'm just wandering how it sits with...