beginner vegan

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    Service My new life!!!

    My name is Alexandar and i have a girlfriend Evelina. Me and my girlfriend try for year's to become vegan and so many struggle's.. the path wasn't easy.. we liked to eat everything we see.. but with people like you we manage to do it!! Our first progress was when we found a program for amonth...
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    US I'm beginner vegetarian.

    Hello, I think to be vegetarian. I ask you for help. I like cooking, it's such a hobby. In addition, I like delicious dishes (probably like all of us). But I have a problem, it's a problem of finding recipes for vegetarians. Have you also encountered such a problem as finding the right dish...
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    Trying to transition, the struggle is real.

    Hi everyone, before I start please just know I'm not a 'perfect vegan' *yet* but I am hoping to improve on that soon. Until then I really need some help! I started eating vegan at the start of this month (1st October 2018) and I still am at this point (8th October 2018). I know it has only been...