1. Second Summer

    Animal Advocacy Lobbyists for grouse shooting go after Chris Packham

    More: Chris Packham 'victim of dirty tricks campaign from shooting enthusiasts' (31. Jan. 2019) Chris Packham is also a well-known vegan.
  2. Second Summer

    BBC: environmental impact of plant vs dairy milks

    More: Climate change: Which are the best vegan milks? (9. Jan. 2019) Some quite positive coverage here, by none other than the eminent BBC. The article shows greenhouse gas emissions, land and water requirements for producing various plant milks and dairy milk. The National Sheep Association...
  3. Damo

    Avocado's controversy

    How do you feel about Avocado's? According to the BBC they aren't vegan because bee's are needed to produce the fruit/vegetable though having done a little research it seems that bee's are needed for a lot of other produce... Personally my opinion is if it grows on a plant then it's vegan though...
  4. W

    Lions shot in Chile - man entered deliberately

    So this raises interesting ethical issues. See this BBC article: A young man in Chile forcefully entered a lion pen, then stripped down, at a zoo in an apparent suicide bid. Zookeepers shot dead the two lions that were on the attack...
  5. Second Summer

    Animal Rights 4 philosophers' views on killing animals for food

    More: Can we justify killing animals for food? - BBC News (26. October 2015) This is from a BBC Radio 4 programme called Analysis. The whole programme is available from here (UK only, I think): BBC Radio 4 - Analysis, Killing Cows I think some of Peter Singer's thinking in this article is...