1. F

    cat art 2024 calendar

    hi all can you guys give me comment on this car art 2024 calendar? like it or not? thanks
  2. KyKyMack

    AU New stickers/badges/tees-My artwork

    New stickers/badges/tees of my artwork: Vegetables are good for your heart! Hi all, I am an artist and designer in Australia, and thought that you might be interested in my artwork "Vegetables are good for your heart". It has been around for a few years and I have just remastered it! It's on...
  3. broldin

    My Vegan Game is Coming Out Soon!

    I want to share a game with you that changed my life. Making this game, Do Animals Dream?, has helped me interrogate my own biases on animal welfare and ultimately led me to changing my diet. I made this game with my best friend from middle school Matthew, and he has become vegan as a result of...
  4. Jaydoesitgood

    US Chickens Deserve Better

    You can find more of my work on instagram @JayFireBird and my website
  5. Jaydoesitgood

    Ethics of Illustrating Non-Vegan Fantasy

    Let me tell you a tale of my instagram art posts and the re-emergence of my horse obsession. But first, some questions for you veggie pals! How ethical is it to illustrate or write non-vegan things happening within a post-apocalyptic setting? Does it do harm in a propaganda like way? Or is it...
  6. Sylvain M

    News Webzine Vegan Underground News n°0 SPIDER

    Click here, Webzine Vegan Underground News n°0 SPIDER and read or watch the talent of Vegan artists and Activists. It's a free Webzine. Also available in French and Spanish! I'm the creator of this online magazine, and I will be happy to answer your questions. Good Surf !
  7. Vegan.Artist_Iro

    Vegan Artist, making merch designs. Would appreciate some thoughts.

    Hey, I finally decided to let go of some fears and get started on some vegan art! I want to make stuff that I would like to show the world when I'm feeling confident and stuff that would make random vegans I unknowingly meet on the street smile as they see it. Here's my first attempt, I have...
  8. Forest Nymph

    Vegan Purchases of Interest

    You're free to post your grocery list, but I was thinking more of clothes, concerts and art traceable back to veganism or animals. I just got my student disbursement so I'm doing my fun bi-yearly shopping. I got: A tee shirt that says Hypocrisy then has pictures of different animals with...
  9. B

    Pig Portraits I did for a sanctuary

    I have done a couple of portraits of two residents of a Pig Sanctuary in Huddersfield called Pigs in the Wood, they are up for sale, all proceeds to PITW! Please Share... Cheers!
  10. E

    Product Vegan kickstarter campaign tote bags!

    Hey everyone! Hope you're all having a great week so far :) I'm hoping a few of you in this forum might be able to help me, I'm a vegan indie artist running a Kickstarter Campaign for my small business and we're hoping to produce tote bags with my vegan inspired painting printed onto them...
  11. B

    Product Activist

    Hi, I'm an artist and new vegan activist. I'm selling these shirts that I created using my personal artwork to spread the vegan message, and to raise money to support my activism. I'm planning on traveling around and having conversations with people on college campuses, as well as other places...
  12. P

    Sumi-e painting

    Hi everyone! First post here for me. I’m a tattoo artist who specialises in Japanese style tattoos and lately I’ve been wanting to give sumi-e painting a go, however I’ve so far found it impossible to find vegan products to do this with. I’m wondering if anyone knows of any vegan variations...