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May 30, 2016
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Mane’s Naturals is proud to launch their newest product called “YOUR SIGNATURE BLEND”, gone are the days where products don’t live up to your expectations because they are not the perfect fit for you. YOUR SIGNATURE BLEND now revolutionises the hair industry, where the customer has complete control on what is in their own products and to satisfy each of their individual needs.

YOUR SIGNATURE BLEND is a multi-purpose product, containing Shea Butter and Coconut oil combined as its base, this product is packed with triglycerides, vitamins and antioxidants to make your hair and skin become its optimal best. YOUR SIGNATURE BLEND can be used as a hair moisturiser, hair deep conditioner, a hair sealant, a skin moisturiser, to prevent dandruff, as a remedy for eczema and much more.

Currently we stock five optional oils which can be added to YOUR SIGNATURE BLEND, carefully choosing these oils due to their renowned potency and healing properties which are as follows:

· Peppermint Oil

· Tea Tree Oil

· Jojoba Oil

· Lemon Oil

· Orange Oil

YOUR SIGNATURE BLEND easily melts like whipped cream onto your skin and hair, and you can carry all this goodness with you on the go with our small 100% BPA free containers.

Due to Mane’s Naturals close relationship with suppliers, we are able to set our products at competitive prices, with the aim of providing luxury at an affordable price.