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Aug 12, 2017
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If, like me, you are an admirer of Will Self’s work I would recommend his latest contribution to “A point of view” on BBC Radio 4. A google will get you to a podcast about his slow progress towards vegetarianism.

It is well worth a listen despite the mini-hassle of having to register with the BBC. There is a very amusing snippet about fake meats in a vegan restaurant.
I've always liked the bloke, but on this occasion I found him self-indulgent, whiney and dismissive. Self’s sneering tone and sense of superiority came as a bit of a surprise to me - and a disappointment.

Addressing, I assume, the vegan community, he asks, “…what exactly do you think about when you decide to ditch not just, for example, chives - but an entire source of protein?” I get the protein question - but chives?? What the hell is he talking about.

He ends his polemic comparing the plight of factory farmed animals to our present-day human condition facing the horrors of climate change.

But at least, we have a choice - which is more than the animals have.

I’m sorry, roger, that’s a good half hour I’ll never get back!
Hi B & W,

So, do I take it that you wouldn't be interested in being offered the opportunity of becoming a founder member of the Will Self Appreciation Society? ;)


Some quotes:
“….. propelling me headlong to the horror of Quorn.”
“….. conscientious moneyed carnivores …..”
“….. some fungally gloop cultured in giant steel vats in the East Midlands …..”
“…… the bloodless abattoirs we call care homes.”

Please, everyone, do have a listen. It’s only ten minutes once you have navigated yourself through the labyrinthine wonders of the BBC. And I’d love to hear if you are with me on this or with B & W.
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