When Eating Green is Not a Choice but a Necessity


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May 18, 2015
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Veganism and vegetariasm are both green eating alternatives that contribute to improve our overall health and get rid of toxins that meat leave in our organism.

However there are times when people do not understand the importance of eating healthy until a disease force them to change their lifestyle.

If someone develop intolerance to lactose, could be a better option turn into a vegan that keep consuming special cow milk to avoid inconveniences with it.

Some others may need simply to get rid of meat to avoid the accumulation of uric acid affecting a rheumatic condition they could be suffering but, for how long?

Do you think that people shifting to eating green stays or get back to their bad eating habits after healing?

Why do they should stay, and why they wouldn't? Any thought?
Eating the way we've always eaten will always be the easier choice. It's understandable.. food today is created by scientists to make sure we keep coming back for more. Even meat.. the animals are raised on ridiculous diets. If you sat most people down to a plate of grass fed beef.. a full life of it, no antibiotics etc ect etc..they'll complain about the taste. People grew up on crap, diseased meat; they prefer the flavour. I know someone who switched to grass fed in their restaurant and he had to go back to factory beef, he got so many complaints. And no, he isn't a bad chef lol. It's comforting to eat what we've always eaten.. not too many people are motivated to step outside their comfort zones. I get it. There's also the fact that those who wait till they get sick, aren't food educated at all, or they may not have gotten sick to begin with. If they go into plant based eating out of necessity and not out of true want, they will expect everything to be bland and hate every bite and that's just no way to start out. They usually fail. Once I knew processed foods were off the table, I gained a huge appreciation for real food and the millions of things that can be done with them. We're the opposite of deprived.
For many people, it usually takes a life altering catastrophic disaster to make changes in their lifestyle. An intellectual understanding alone is not nearly as powerful as when the consequence of one's actions are glaringly obvious - that one would have to be an automaton to miss. Sadly, I'm one of those people...and when it comes to nutrition and diet I'm a strong subscriber to irrefutability of one type of food over another
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