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I've been vegan for a year and half now. I started having symptoms of OCD and I increasingly became worse ovet the past year and was wondering if anyone has OCD and knows what helps while being vegan and not been to obsessive with it. I wanna continue to be vegan but my thoughts tell me I hate it and it's weird because I live it so much. I'm never felt so passionate about something and I feel like my brain is trying take something I love away from me and I don't know what to do. I've diagnosed GAD twice and had no help I know I'm will be going back counselling again but I need help in the meantime. Thank you
well..I might believe that this is only a fear of yours considering what is said about veganism by totally uninformed people.
many excuses if I'm wrong, please don't take it persnally, but from what I know and I've tested on my body, having a vegan life will only bring health, energy, losings toxins and acids coming other meats or processed aliments.
you can read about how to have an alkaline pH inside of your body and what it involves.
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I have a very small amount of OCD. I sometimes check the doors and windows are locked very carefully so it won't bug me later whether I left them open. I have changed to a vegan lifestyle but I didn't see any change. I don't see the relation here between veganism and OCD, perhaps you could explain a bit more.

Don't worry too much about things, just make smart decisions (like no meat and no/reduced dairy) but don't worry about tiny details. If you are worrying about whether some products have 0.01% animal by product, just stop. It's not so important. Just eat it and move on with your life. If veganism is stressing you out consider being vegetarian and mostly veganism if necessary. It is a good compromise for some people because you can reduce your animal cruelty footprint by about 98% with about 50% of the effort it takes to reduce it down to 99.9%, and you can never get to 100.000%. No-one can. Chill out and enjoy life.
What do you find yourself obsessing about on a regular basis? Are you sure that going vegan increased your OCD symptoms? When I first went vegan, I found myself obsessing over labels and ingredients. Now that I have trusted vegan companies that I buy from, find myself obsessing less and less.

Be one less person harming animals -
Hi. I have had severe ocd for over 40 years and I have been vegan for 7 years. You can help yourself by making sure you are getting enough magnesium, B6, B12, D3 and omega 3. This is the basics. Than... you can ask for help. A psychiatrist. They will offer you medication. I found a zoloft like medication with no animal ingredients in it or used during manufacturing. Yeah, like all meds they were once in the past tested on animals, but that we can't avoid because of the stupid laws. Zoloft or another antidepressant will relieve the anxiety, significantly calm your intrusive thoughts and give you the strength to fight the obsessions in a helping way. I hope I was helpful. Good luck and stay strong.