Tips for transitioning in a carnivore household.


Aug 3, 2016
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Hi, I am new here and was hoping that somebody could give me so tips, pointers on how to go about becoming vegan when you are in a household that will not stop using animal products. I know it is not worth arguing about because it is my personal choice to adopt but switching to a new diet whilst everyone is still eating the same foods etc I feel will be difficult ( I suck with my weight loss diet when they are all eating cake ).

Also, could anyone let me know what to expect whilst I am removing certain foods?
Finally is vegan cheese that bad, I love cheese.

Hi there and welcome to the forum :)

You might find this thread interesting:

We also get lots of posts in the Introduce Yourself section with people in similar positions as you, which you might also want to take a look at?

As a newbie you should remember to take a multivitamin until you get the hang of vegan nutrition. I even recommend taking the multivitamin after that. :)

As for vegan cheese, there are lots of good options. Vegegusto, Mozzarisella, and Violife are my top choices (especially the latter two). There is also a cook book for making your own vegan cheeses if I recall. Where are you based? It helps to know which country if you'd like product recommendations.

Eat vegan cake ;) or make some vegan cake for them so that you can all share. Or you can show them how easy it is to replace dairy and eggs - there are lots of options. List here:

Good luck!
Thank you for your reply. I am in Buckinghamshire, UK.
Hi MsDemi,

What are your reasons for wanting to transition ?

For the animals, for my health and the environment. I was a veggie for years then one drunken sausage at a barbeque took me off the road (by that I don't mean pregnancy ;) ) I am not even sure why I went back to being an omnivore when I enjoyed my veggie life so much. I guess the delay has been living in a household where meat is with every meal. I am also obese, have severe asthma and osteoporosis and would like to improve my health through a healthier lifestyle.
Alright. Eating vegan is going to improve your overall health.

For weight loss, I have been keeping the Rice Diet for a while (as described in the book The Rice Diet Report), and has been working wonders for me and my friends (group of guys that wanted to shed the beer belly :yum). It goes like this:

Breakfast: a portion of fruit (could be an apple, a banana, a cup of blueberries ... other fruits in similar quantities)
Lunch: two portions of fruit + 250 g boiled or steamed rice (no salt, no condiments)
Dinner: same as lunch

There are six phases in total, the above was the first one lasting minimum two weeks according to the book. They also recommend to take vitamins (especially B12).

The usual disclaimers apply, if you want to try it check with your GP first etc etc etc etc.

I could do a rice diet I love Asian food had a naughty but nice meal of tempura veg and tofu with a chilli, ginger and soy sauce. I am doing if it meals, if it is in the cupboard I will use it. Can't afford a shop right now :D