The suffering of Bugs


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May 4, 2019
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I remember walking by a bees' nest every day some 45 years ago. I imagine 100 other children encountered the bees nest as they walked home from school. The bees aggressively protected their home. I lost track of the number of times a bee stung me. I felt like I was at war with the bees.

Some people argue that "bugs" do not have feelings. Bugs are pests according to many people. Therefore, we hear the words "don't bug me."

I will arbitrarily assume that an individual insect has limited capacity to feel pain. Instead of looking at individual insects, we should look at the entire colony. We could look at the colony and say that the colony as a whole has a greater sense of agency than the individual insect.

Suppose we use insecticides to kill off half the colony. Although the individual insect did not feel much pain. The whole colony was imbalanced by the insecticide. Half of the colony suffered greatly. The other half must pick up the pieces of the devastation and move forward.
I’m kind of amazed at the compassion I feel for bugs/insects, the longer that I’m on this vegan journey. I try very hard to capture and release whenever possible. Most insects still freak me out but I manage to save most of them.

I lost track of the number of wasps I saved this summer. My boss called me into his office several times a week to remove them. He would have just as easily killed them but he allowed me to catch and release which is pretty awesome considering he’s really quite a jerk most of the time. 😁
Im so disturbed by the suffering of bees and spiders I had a hard time coping this summer after accidentally killing a spider cleaning windows at my summer job, and watching two bumblebees die on the pavement near my college OBVIOUSLY due to some insecticide they use there. One day I nearly fainted from the hypocrisy.

People ask me why I'm so angry. Anger keeps me alive to fight another day. Otherwise I'd literally disappear from how DEAD the modern world is and how humans are literally MURDERING the planet.

Greta Thunberg screaming "how dare you" at a bunch of environmentalists who eat meat and fly and spray Round Up on decorative flowers is my spirit animal.

Bees are super smart by the way. They dance and do complex jobs.
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To everyone above, you who have posted, and you who have approved of posts:

One day, far into the future of vetopia, a child will lead them. Them - Not the other humans who have made it to vetopia, but to vast numbers of non-human herbivores who routinely engage in the slaughter of insects, from the horse who swats the daily flies with it's tail, to the giraffe and others, to the merciless trampling of ants, the crushing of mosquitoes, the disregard of spider's webs and so many other unmentionables.

One day, the war will end. Bugs will become all creature's friends. For right now, only a few humans and 0 animals know this compassion. Have hope, and do not despair when you see a horse swat a fly with it's tail, for it has not yet been enlightened, it has not yet...been led.

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