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I Heart Corey Haim!!

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Jun 6, 2012
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I gotta admit I am not the biggest muppets fan and never really watched it....but my sweetie really likes everything muppets and I have seen all the movies, docus, extras, and the seasons of the shows....I enjoy the show and its funny but what I really like is watching him watch it.....makes me smile just thinking of it:) sappy I know....and my fave moments are the sappy ones with miss piggy and her kermie.....



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Jun 4, 2012
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West Hollywood, CA
it just really blows my mind that these were puppets. Other puppet shows from childhood, or from previous generations (hell, even from later generations), never had the depth and personality that the muppets did (and still do). Every once in a while, I'll imagine the muppeteers below the frame, with their arms reaching up into the muppets... it's just weird...
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