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Mar 11, 2015
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Is anyone else witnessing the storm in the UK right now? I've never seen the sky so dark before, it's still thundering and raining right now.

Driving home there were floods everywhere! The rain had only started 5 minutes before leaving work, wipers on full and I could hardly see the road when driving at the speed limit. Some people even had no lights on?!? :O

Stay safe!
Seriously, I wish I hadn't of left my phone at home :no_mouth: I've never seen it so dark or rain so hard, literally rivers of water flooding down roads.. It was mad!
I actually do not believe you! Its roasting in Essex :joy: Are you in the UK?
Really?! What.

Here's a photo of what it looked like right outside my workplace...

[GALLERY=media, 212]2016-09-13 At 20.35.41 by Damo posted Sep 13, 2016 at 8:38 PM[/GALLERY]
ohh I thought it was a joke post its been really hot in the east of england. It is really muggy here though so not that great. I guess its really the last week or two of sunshine though then its back to the damp, cold British weather :tired_face:. Where is that it?
Oh no, yesterday was insane. It was near Newcastle Under Lyme.

Today's stupidly hot though :neutral:
We had a really bad storm up in Yorkshire on Tuesday as well, bit later than you by the sounds of it but it lasted ages! Some people saw some fantastic lightening but it was too cloudy where I live so I just saw the sky lighting up. It was really dramatic!