Press ups - how many i can do in a minute? or 80 as fast as i can?


Aug 19, 2017
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Hi folks

3 and a half years ago, I couldn't do a single press up - I could get in position, but was unable to dip at all. I was given the advice to start off on the floor and push myself up. I found that the way in, and they've been a major part of my regular exercise routine ever since - working on the principle that if you can do a set of 10 on one session, you can do 11 the next.

Last year, as a fund-raiser for a couple of local charities, I did an hour long stint, seeing how many press ups I could do. In the event, I managed 1175, raising £850 in the process.

I've kept up my practice, and now I want to raise some more money - still doing press ups (it's a helluvalot easier than going from Land's End to John O'Groats).

My new aim is to see how many press ups I can do in one minute - aiming for at least 100, with a view to getting a video up on YouTube. My pitch would be 'See how many press ups this 80yr-old vegan can do in one minute'. (I turn 80 end of next month.) However, I met a friend yesterday who reckoned that it would be better to see how many seconds it would take me to do 80 press ups - 1 for each year.

Earlier today I had 4 attempts, about 4 minutes apart, seeing how many press ups I could do in one minute - getting a PB each time - 113, 122, 124, 127. Later on, I discovered I could do the 80 press ups in 37 seconds.

My question to you guys is, what pitch do you think would raise the most money? Going for as many as I can in 60 secs, or just doing 80 as fast as I can. I reckon by the time I make the attempt - in about 6 weeks - I'll be able to do at least 130 in one minute - and only take about 35 seconds to complete 80.
Hi B & W

If you would like to encourage others into the same self-torture then I would definitely go for the one minute target. That way aspiring younger fitness freaks could have targets such as, “I’ve already worked my way up to almost half of what an eighty year old can do.”

This sort of pursuit is always good publicity for veganism so good luck. Personally I prefer more relaxed activities such as walks on the moors, digging holes in the garden and having a nap in the afternoon.

Thanks, Roger.
That's a good point. I'm thinking that the one minute target would have more impact=more interest=more money raised.
I'm with you on the walks and the nap - I'll pass on the digging, though! :)