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I don't have the link, but I used a recipe a few times for nut free cheese made of carrots and potatoes which was actually very good.
I'm trying to lose weight(safely!) and find myself hungry a lot, and this recipe tasted good, was filling and not too spicy: Vegan Burrito (Quick + Easy Recipe) - The Simple Veganista
This website has recipes(some are vegan, the category is vegetarian) made by Accredited Practising Dietitians: Smart Eating Recipes » Dietitians Australia
Might be too obvious but have you tried the local library and one of the many vegan cookbooks they have on the shelves?
There are also so many vegan chefs with blogs, newsletters, and YouTube Channels. Here at the VF we make lists of them.

and there are many recipes in the recipe section of VF.

I'm also going to recommend my favorite thing CopyMeThat.

Its and app and a website and it not only helps you keep your recipes organized but it also is searchable so you can find new recipes.

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