My Dog Has Discovered Psuedo Burying His Treasures

Oct 15, 2023
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So my dog he is about 1 year at this point has discovered asset holding with his snacks and today in particular he has buried and re buried a white iced honey bun about 10 times no joke here on my bed and in the blankets because he thinks well knows we share everything together. I was wondering If I buy him a cute treasure box and put a rope ladle on the treasure box can I teach him to open the treasure box and hoard his snacks or prizes inside the box and close the lid with the rope? Or will this not cure his lust for burying the food in our blankets?
Dogs can learn a great many things, but that might just require a bit too much sophistication! :) But hey, your dog might just be that special he could do it, who knows!
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I would start with a simple shoe box or equivalent and put the treasure in it - if it one of those boxes with a flip up lid that would work best as he may have trouble putting the lid back on otherwise.

Sounds like a lovely pupply.

Emma JC
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