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I've been vegan for around a year and a half and I have lost my period 5 months ago and it just never came back. I have a vitamin d imbalance and I left it for along time, which it then worsened my OCD and anxiety but Ive had no other problems for a while, until I notice my period getting lighter and lighter and it just disappeared. This happened to me before I went vegan and I never saw it for a long time. Has anyone had this problem before? Also I've started taking my vitamin d last month and notice no change in how I felt. Can anyone help me. Thank you


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Jan 29, 2017
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Could be lots of reasons for missing periods, a few I can think of are
being severely under weight, or over weight
hormone imbalances,
age, if you are very young you might not be regular yet, or if you are older it could be menopause
some medications
and anemia can cause irregular periods.
I am not in any way a health care person so I would recommend talking to your doctor