Men's Health Magazine Redeemed. HM says tofu is good for you.


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Jun 8, 2018
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Redeemed in my eyes anyway.

Years ago Men's Health ran an article associating Soy with Man Boobs. In my eyes, this article was the epitome of bad reporting. It represented an almost total lack of fact-checking, showed a strong similarity to sensationalism (yellow journalism), and even, IMHO, an evil intent (did their corporate sponsors put them up to this?)

A few months ago they almost retracted the article. Well, they at least admitted they were wrong in another article on Soy (I wrote about that one too).

But this article goes well past an apology to soy. Men's Health, you are forgiven.

BTW, this article is well worth a look-see. It not only talks about risks and benefits (way at the end, btw), but the main focus of the article seems to be about Hodo, a tofu making company, and a lot of background including history, politics, products, and where tofu might be going. Tofu lover or not put this on your reading list.
Because of that original article you referred to 'Soyboy' has now become a pejorative term to indicate that a man is supposedly 'effeminate'. The thing to do is reclaim the word to change its meaning away from that.
Great article. I’ve never heard of Yuba, but definitely want to try to find some. I checked out the Hodo website to see where it’s available, but doesn’t look like they carry it anywhere near where I live. Will have to look for it when I’m closer to urban areas!
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i live just across the bay from their factory but never noticed their products. But now I'm interested, too. You inspired me to check out their website and they are at two of the supermarkets that I occasionally go to (not my regular ones). Definitely, want to check out the Yuba sheets. But all the products look interesting and worth trying.

Their extra firm tofu is what other companies call Super Firm. and that is all I buy anymore. It's more expensive per pound but about the same price when you compare the grams of protein per cents. I know pressing isn't a big deal but I like that you don't have to press it. Plus you are not paying for water weight.

According to the website they also make soy milk. I hope that the local supermarket carries it.

Because of that original article you referred to 'Soyboy' has now become a pejorative term to indicate that a man is supposedly 'effeminate'. The thing to do is reclaim the word to change its meaning away from that.

I never made the connection between soy boy and man boobs. but it makes sense. Not sure you can lay the entire blame at MH's feet but it makes sense that the article could have been a contributing factor. I suppose some soy companies could try to coopt the word. Maybe with every package, there could be a bumper sticker.

How about "Vegan Girls Love Their Soy Boys"
or maybe even "I ❤️Soy Boys"
or "I'm a proud Soy Boy" (with a rainbow flag for gay pride?)
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How about "I'm a proud Soy Boy" (with a rainbow flag for gay pride?)
Er, no thanks. That just reinforces my very point. The other two suggestions aren't quite as bad but that is not what I'm getting at. I'm saying that ordinary men - yes those horrible 'patriarchal' straight blokes, who happen to be vegan - could adopt the term.
I've had Hodo soy products they're pretty tasty, at least the flavored concoctions. At VegFest in SoCal a couple of years ago.

That's great that Men's Health made a point of publishing this article. It's a step!
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I was in my local market buying tofu and spotted some Hodo veggie burgers. I think they might be a little expensive. I hadn't realized until just now that there are only 2 patties per box. And I can't find the receipt to check the price. So more on that later.

I also wish the store had some of the other Hodo products. I might have to go to whole foods to check out the others.

I thought it tasted pretty good. Not beefy like some of those other patties. Now that it's gone I'm sorry I forgot to try a forkful all by itself. Something I'll try to remember next time. I ate it on a toasted whole wheat bun with ketchup, garlic aioli, Clausen Kosher pickle slices, Field Roast Chao cheese, Romaine lettuce, and a slice of fresh home-grown tomato. With those condiments just about everything tastes good.

Healthwise it probably beats every other patty hands down. Its just tofu. And a few veggies for flavoring.
190 calories
8 g of fat
8 g fiber
19 g protein
390 mg (17%) sodium
And all the other nutrients you would find in 4 oz of tofu.

Its already cooked but I just heated it and browned it a little in a skillet. On the box, they suggest to chop it up and add it to a stir fry.
"Men's Health" is published in many different countries and is under the
wing of "Hearst Communications Inc". It is mass media that derives a
a substantial portion of it's income from advertising, including food
advertising. Among it's many publications is "Food Network Magazine" which
is hardly vegan. Here's their website cover picture as of today featuring a turkey dinner:

"Men's Health" also recently published media "debunking" the Documentary
The Game Changers, which Happy Healthy Vegan responded to here:

I think Vegans should be very wary of any corporate mass media outlets being
"on side" with veganism (or corporations in general, esp non-vegan food corps). I think they would very much like us to warm up
to them, but it's only to get people's attention so that they can poison
the well later. Veganism is simply not good for their bottom line overall and
in the long run, even if one or a few of them makes a few $$ developing and selling
a plant based product.
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