Hepatitis C 'Serial Infector' Could Have Spread Disease to Thousands


The Fire That Burns Within
Jun 3, 2012
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In the Church of the Poisoned Mind

This news has been circulating for a few weeks here in NH. It went national as soon as they discovered this guy had worked in several other states. It just amazes me how little vetting goes on with hiring of "low level" employees at hospitals. Apparently this guy had been fired from a number of other hospitals for various reasons. That in itself should have been a red flag.

In this economy you would think that employers have the "pick of the litter", and could choose the best candidates. I guess they care more about saving a few bucks than patient safety.


No effin' whey!
Jun 12, 2012
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New Hampshire, USA
I have been listening to this on my local news as well. I don't live all that far from Exeter and one of my coworkers uses that hospital. What baffles me is that there is apparently no one regulating who has access to the medical supplies. The other thing that gets me is that most medical supplies now, even those bought at home have tamper evident packaging. How did no one else notice something was amiss for so long?


i've found some employers have good hiring processes while others are ridiculous. for instance, a local school district let a high school principal go (for a different reason) and they found out he had a felony on his record...


That hospital may as well shut its doors right now. They are completely liable, imo, as are the nurses who left syringes filled with a strong analgesic just lying around. There are so many things wrong with a lab tech having access to medications! There are dozens of ways this could and should have been prevented. I'm so horrified.