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Nov 25, 2018
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Greetings all, very nice to be a new member of these forums.

Here's some alternate cooking advice for making green curry in a mini toaster oven. My mini oven accepts the 12” pizzas, but nothing larger. (attached image shows 2 pkgs of green curry made @ once)

I used to follow the package instructions and cook @ 375*. I use an old corningware covered dish that JUST barely fits in the oven. I had some issues w/the food burning slightly on the bottom, so I added a little olive oil to the dish. Still didn't help.

I find now that it's best when cooking this dish w/a toaster oven to lower the temp to 350*, keeping the time to 50mins.

And stir it for sure after maybe 20mins in, and again in another 10min, breaking up the ice and moving it all around.

I'll toast some Genesis bread for a crunchy addition, as I don't have any naan bread here at the moment. Two servings is more than enough food. What the heck, I didn't choose a veggie lifestyle so I could eat tiny portions! Ha!



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Nov 25, 2018
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When I look at that picture of my toaster oven, it's filthy. That's my daughter not me. Gotta clean that. BTW I think I forgot to mention that's green curry.
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