Floating dairy farm


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Jun 8, 2018
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Here is the link to the full article

Also, not sure this is the best forum for this. but this is the best I could figure out.

they are building a floating dairy farm in the Netherlands. This is such a bad idea. And on so many levels. I'm surprised that they got funding.

I understand that the EU had a milk quota that got lifted just a few years ago. but from what I understand this led to an overproduction of milk. I also did a little research just now and that the Netherlands exports a lot of dairy products. That their milk prices are lower than the UKs and are still dropping. This can't be a good investment.

The article talks about how much more ocean there is to land. But this is not being built in the middle of the ocean. It's being built right next to land. It connects to land. It's not on a beach. It's in a port. And isn't land in ports expensive.

I also imagine that PETA has a Netherlands branch. What happens after the first cow goes overboard. or if there is waste products spill.

I guess things will sort themselves out. I just worry about the poor cows.


Have these people ever heard of agricultural run-off creating dead zones in the ocean? Nah?

Floating cows, what will people rationalize next.
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"It's a logical step to produce fresh food on the water," said Minke van Wingerder.
She said the floating farm concept could be adopted by other port cities, with farms producing poultry and fruit as well as dairy products.
Oh, no! floating chicken coops?!

There is nothing logical about this. This what we like to call an accident waiting to happen.

Although I'm reminded of this article, where the cow swims to safety.

I'm sure there will be some more interesting news on this front. Watch this space.
She said the floating farm concept could be adopted by other port cities

I could just see the protests for that here. They're trying desperately to pull fish farms out of the water here. I highly doubt my province would welcome any other farms on the ocean.

The province is still celebrating winning the protests over the stupid pipeline. Something the moron federal government is bent on doing, but the court just shut it down, and obviously for very good reason, especially with our west coast orcas already endangered. They also never consulted the indigenous peoples of this province over the environmental impacts and dangers. I hope it stays shut down too.

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I guess you could say that fish farms in the ocean are a logical next step. But I think the best argument is just to leave the ocean and fishies alone. They have enough problems with pollution and plastic.

And it just bugs me that when these guys think of meeting the demand for food all they come up with is more animals. It's just so obvious the answer is less livestock. We need to send Kip Anderson to the Netherlands.
Another article on the Floating Dairy

The world's first floating dairy farm will house 40 cows and be hurricane-resistant

Full article here

There is a nice artistic rendition of what I guess they hope it will look like. But the picture does not match up with the description in the article of a three-story factory farm.

According to the article its 89'x89'. And will house 40 cows.

Crunch, crunch, crunch. According to my calculations that is one cow for every 200 square feet.