Service Bell moore group inc. review: how malls changed our lives forever

Axle Macuvex

Dec 12, 2017
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The birth and growth of the baby-boomers generation marked the era in human history when people experienced many innovative technological advancements – thanks to the Industrial Revolution -- throughout the world, many of which upturned values, lifestyles and relationships at many levels. One of the most important effects of this development is the gradual bridging of longstanding social and cultural gaps existing within nations with diverse ethnic and religious beliefs.

Today, the world has become one global community poised to achieve an even more consolidated linking not just of values and economic pursuits but also of such simple and mundane pursuits and interests as personal consumption, whether we talk of food, clothing, entertainment, sports, arts and culture, health rejuvenation and modern gadgetry. And where do we find practically all these amenities or goods within one specific place? The mall, of course!

Whereas most of these things were previously found only separately and even far from one another (a movie house had its own building, different from that of a restaurant, a department store or a book store. Today, even office buildings have fast-food outlets, variety stores and boutique shops in them. But the mall has ‘‘got it all”, as one popular Asian mall expressly brags in its ad jingle. It is a virtual one-stop shop. A be-all and end-all in property development and operations. Anyone that has any particular enterprise in mind, no matter how big or small, can find no better place to locate its products or operations than inside the mall.

The amount of capital put into the development and construction of a mall limits the number of individuals or companies that can get involved and maintain a degree of success. Nevertheless, the few that have stood the test of time, whether the giants or the small operators, may owe their durability less to their business abilities than to the need that had been developed for the mall concept. Whereas the village market or the eventual city market actually started the basic concept, it was the integration of such diversified enterprises into one clean, accessible, convenient and unified shopping center that brought about the obviously consuming or addicting habit of visiting a place where one can accomplish many things without having to leave for a couple of hours or even a whole day.

And so, when families celebrate an event, instead of doing it at home where they can cook and entertain guests, they opt to go to the mall where they do not have to worry with the menu and the dishes. Although watching a movie is now done more at home, an occasional night at the mall theater can bring families and friends together for an enjoyable bonding time along with a stopover at the next-door pizza place and, perhaps, a side trip to a coffee shop and a book store.

The city brought a lot of changes in human living conditions, but the mall brought a lot of conveniences to city living. It is a refinement that many have learned to appreciate and enjoy, even if it has taken people far and far away from nature’s original setting. However, thanks to some environmentally-friendly mall developers, nature has taken a respectable comeback within this symbol of modern innovation through indoor gardens or terraced nature spots at mall centers. Some things we can change as we please; others we cannot do without if we wish to survive.

Bell Moore Group Inc. understands the shifting values and needs of people in the modern world. It keeps abreast in these developments in order to serve the needs of companies in the business world.