Aldi lists of vegan and vegetarian friendly foods


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Mar 11, 2015
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I'm really happy that Aldi has started such a positive idea, I think it'll help people who control their diets in certain ways a lot. Some of their vegetarian products look pretty good actually!
Hmm, I might have to start taking this vegan thing a lot more seriously.
I think Sainsbury's already do this. I used to download it every month, but have just relied on their excellent labelling policy for a while now.
Sally, I've found Co-op to be very clear as well. They do stick milk powder in some bread, particularly their in store bakery stuff, which is disappointing. I've sent them a comment about it. If you felt like doing the same, it might persude tgem to look at it. Tesco's, who I don't particularly like because of their labelling, only use dairy products in a few of their in store bakery lines, and, at least at the Ryde store, the staff are very cool about looking up what's vegan for you. I buy an olive roll and a tin of their own brand bean soup for my supper whenever I'm working over there: full nourishment for 75p!
Aldi now gets my vegan thumbs-up. If you have the information, it's easy to shop. I'll be heading over the river to the Cowes Aldi this afternoon. Alexia, thanks forposting this.