zero waste

  1. corajanemeade

    How to avoid (plant-based) milk waste

    when i buy plant-based milk, as I am the only one in my house that drinks it, I never finish it before it goes out of date. I use it in oats, tea, smoothies etc. but i don't use it all. Does anyone have suggestion on what milk lasts the longest and what to do with leftovers, can you freeze it...
  2. C

    Vegan Supermarkets

    Hi everyone! I'm currently looking up at setting up a zero-waste supermarket, potentially with delivery - if we can find ways to avoid CO2 and wasteful packaging. If anyone here could take a few minutes to fill out a simple survey for market research that would be fantastic! Should only take a...
  3. Damo

    Plastic free deodorant

    I started using just sheabutter for deodorant but I'm realising sheabutter alone isn't the greatest deodoriser... It's getting warm again so I'm on the lookout for something that doesn't come wrapped in plastic or cost the earth, anyone have any ideas? I've found something called "alum...
  4. Meyersaurus

    Reducing plastic / living zero waste (help)

    I am actively trying to produce less waste, and reduce my ecological footprint as much as possible, which is why I am trying to reduce my use of plastic, and so on (Let's lay aside the fact that the production of glass or other plastic-replacements are not 100% sustainable for a moment). Up...
  5. J

    Media Kickstarter- some great sustainable vegan campaigns!!

    Have you guys seen/ know of Kickstarter? a cool way to support some amazing ideas- here are some awesome ones:- xx
  6. K

    Product 100% Vegan toothbrush?

    Hello My friend recommend me this toothbrush. I personally think that it is a great invention but I now am considering buying it. He uses it since 2 weeks and tell me it is very good. I found some advantages and disadvantages of this product: + biodegradability + not tested on animals + made of...