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  1. R

    Watching Pro-Animal Cruelty Videos

    Hello, On YouTube, I sometimes encounter videos of animal abuse, filmed and uploaded by animal abusers, e.g live feeding, pest control, farming, hunting, trapping, even animal fighting. I will often go onto them, leave pro-animal rights comments and call them out in the comments sections, report...
  2. Grinning Hippos

    EU Grinning Hippos-Vegan recipes

    Hi guys, I just started a Youtube channel and I would love to hear any requests for recipes, especially from new vegans that are struggling :) Any questions you might have and need support with, I can try and help as well. Thanks! Carla from Grinning Hippos
  3. R

    Keeping It Dutch Pigs 🐷

    Hello 👋, Please sign and share this petition. WE CANNOT LET THESE PIGS GO TO SLAUGHTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please also (kindly and safely) message Keeping It Dutch to express your opposition to the pigs being sent to slaughter, and to try to persuade him to send them to a sanctuary instead...
  4. V

    New vegan youtube channel

    I made a YouTube channel to show people the horrors of the animal products industry to turn people vegan The Channel Name is 'The Vegan Uprise' I already have over 40 subs and i am slowly getting more :)