1. C

    Survey-Motivations & Barriers to Plant-Based Lifestyle

    Hi everyone, I have recently become vegan in the past year and have always been really interested in learning what are the primary motivations for individuals becoming plant-based. I would love to hear peoples thoughts and opinions!! I am in final year of college and have based my dissertation...
  2. E

    8 Course Vegan Fine-Dining Experience - $68

    Moderator edit. *** SINGAPORE, JULY 24 **** Let us take you to the next level of healthy eating with a delicious fine dining meal customised to your goals. Be it a night out with your friends or a date night, join us as we serve you a sumptuous 8 course meal specially curated for you. Step...
  3. earthling_gh

    Greetings from earthling ( indian in china )

    would like to connect with business into import, export of food or NON food to promote veganism along with other goodies like organic, non GMO, eco friendly, natural, raw, probiotic, health, wellness, etc for common people, not luxury. metta ( peace, light, joy, health) for all
  4. B

    Survey Healthy eating

    Hello, I am a doctoral candidate in Clinical Psychology at Indiana State University. I am currently conducting my dissertation research and I am examining different relationships between healthy eating behaviors and mental health. For my research, I am particularly interested in those...