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    Project-Looking for vegan couples/Wedding Planning

    Hello, I currently looking for vegan couples to interview for a school project. I am in a UX (user experience) class and we are currently developing app ideas. Before we start development, we need to understand specific user needs. I thought that it might be an interesting niche idea to develop...
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    Vegan wedding-family doesn't understand

    Hi all, I'm puzzled. Me and my partner have been vegans for 3 years now. His family has been very supportive albeit surprised. Mine, having come from a different country, lifestyle, and culture, not so much. I have been ridiculed, interrogated, and it hurt. We've been engaged for 2 years now...
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    Help! My vegan/omnivore wedding problem

    Help!!! I'm trying to arrange my wedding with my omnivore fiancée, and non vegan family and friends. The venue does not allow external caterers, but they are trying to accommodate my wishes as best as they can, (it was an alien concept to them) my partner wants a BBQ, and whereas I know...