1. C

    Handy Plant-Based Vitamin and Mineral posters

    This is content from my own blog, so sorry if am being too bold, but I figured it might be useful for somebody. These free posters summarise vitamin and mineral content of common plant-based foods. They might help you to pick better ingredients for your dishes and meet your daily nutrient...
  2. C

    Keep track of your diet!

    Check out these useful tools that can help you to keep tabs on your daily consumption of plant-based foods, vitamins and nutrients. Even vegan diets need to be balanced for optimal health!
  3. R

    Veganism and thyroid

    Hi, A few weeks ago (before we went to Lanzarote - we came back Thursday, to hazard a guess), it was revealed after a blood test that I have an underactive thyroid, if I’m right. I’m on new medication for this, I have to take it an hour before eating in the morning. Anyhow, I went to the...
  4. B

    Product Supplements, protein and similar :)

    Hello Everyone :D Heres a website that can provide you with all you need from super foods to vitamin b12 supplements and everything inbetween, perfect for those wanting to get fit, bodybuild or to keep super healthy in general. Have a look through the online shop and see if you find anything...
  5. Green.Wave

    19 yr old new vegan. tips for adequate iron/vitamins/calcium/healthy body wieght/etc.

    I purchased a b 12 high quality whole foods supplement. I need to get my d2 levels up so i bought d2 drops and d3 drops. I don't want my iron levels to go down. How to maintain a nutrient dense vegan diet? Any recommended foods? Supplements? Thanks
  6. C

    Vitamins daily value of one pill

    Hi there. First of all I want to thank the members of this forum for being so supportive. Half a year of being a vegan would be much harder without your advice and support. I had some health problems in the beginning which you helped figure out. Did my blood tests, which showed extremely low...