vitamin d3

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    Thoughts on supplements?

    I’m launching my company, holier, in April and wanted to share information with everyone! holier was founded on the premise that living vegan should be fun and easy. We’re here to create simplified products that help you live your best vegan life. Our first product addresses a common problem...
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    Vegan vitamin d

    Hi everyone! I have a some questions regarding vitamin d supplements. Do you use them? And if yes, what kind of supplements do you use? How often? There's a interesting post abuot vegan vitamin d and vegan supplements. What do you think about the vitamin d derived from lichen? Are there...
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    Vitamins daily value of one pill

    Hi there. First of all I want to thank the members of this forum for being so supportive. Half a year of being a vegan would be much harder without your advice and support. I had some health problems in the beginning which you helped figure out. Did my blood tests, which showed extremely low...