vitamin d

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    Vegan vitamin D

    Hi guys! I was wondering where do you get yor vitamin d from? Do you supplement? And if yes, how often? I have never supplemented vitamin d in the past but I think I will, cause I don't get so much sunlight as I used to. What kind of vegan supplements do you use? I think of buying ora...
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    Vitamin d in 50000 units

    Hello! So my lab work came back and I’m deficient in vitamin D. My doctor prescribed me 50000 units of vitamin D (i think it was twice a week), but i never got it filled because I’ve had trouble finding out ingredients for medications...and since it was a prescription I figured it would be the...
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    Nutrition & Diet Study: Vitamin D3 twice as effective as D2

    More: Vitamin D guidelines may be changed following new study (6. July 2017) The consequence of this may be that more foods are fortified with vitamin D3, which unfortunately is often not vegan. Also, they didn't look at how vitamin D levels in the body varied with vitamin doses, i.e. whether...