1. O

    I discovered a great t-shirts with very strong vegan message

    Have you heard about it? This is my latest discovery and I just ordered one :D The vegan brand is called Igualibra and they have really cool design. what do you think about it? I attached the one that I ordered.
  2. K

    Product New vegan product needs your support

    Hello, we have just launched Pop Zest on Kickstarter (see link below). Pop Zest is a a vegan line of flavored nutritional yeast seasonings. We blend nutritional yeast with yummy herbs, spices & nuts to create 3 distinct flavor profiles...Artisan Cheese, Olive Oil & Herb and Butter that you can...
  3. coriscorndogs

    Vegan corn dog

    I'm attempting to create my own vegan corn dog to sell. So far it seems that the only success I would have in mass producing these hot dogs, is if I used a vegan casing. The catch is that the casing dissolves when cooked, and I need to cook the hot dog before dipping in the batter. Does anyone...